"Make your world better. Start now."

It all starts with asking ‘How could we do this better?’ That question is the first step on a journey to making your business, non-profit or manufacturing company a healthier, more efficient operation - allowing you and your team to stop wasting time, energy and budget on things that don’t matter.

Erica is passionate about positive change inside and outside of business world. She brings her passion and energy, along with her numerous talents and varied experience, to both her professional projects and her volunteer commitments.

Put Erica on your team today, and work towards a better future together.

Work With Erica

My work involves equal parts people stuff (recognition, team-building, training, communications, change management), financial stuff (evaluating the projected and actual value gained from the improvements, linking value to operational budgets and other business planning activities) and technical stuff (statistical problem-solving techniques like Six Sigma).


As an engineer certified in Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma, Erica helps companies and non-profits with business and operational improvement, training, customer satisfaction and project management. Hiring Erica will help you save money, streamline company and staff performance, and generally better your world.

About Erica

In both my work and my volunteer projects, I teach people how to solve problems, empower them to believe in themselves, help them define what success looks like and how to recognize when they have succeeded. Not only do I enjoy my work, I really believe in it. When implemented properly, the improvement methods I use have a positive impact on individuals, the culture of a company as well as its business performance.