Find ways to do it better

Better can mean many things:  faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer, or geared toward any goal in the client’s goals.  Even after years of experience using best-in-industry improvement techniques like Value-Stream Mapping, 5S Workplace Organization, and dozens more within Six Sigma and Lean, I am still passionate about that a-ha moment, when a client realizes that yes, there IS a better idea!  Often the small things, when done differently and strategically over time, make the biggest difference.

Decide how to get there

Having decided the ‘what’, the biggest question becomes the ‘how’.  I’ve led many clients through Strategic Planning and Project Planning discussions to help them break down their big goals into achievable and logical steps, with defined milestones, aligned metrics and a built-in review and communication process to keep everything on track.

Get the message out there

It doesn’t matter how great your plan is – if you don’t let the right people in on it, it will never happen!  As the resident ‘communications specialist’ for years of my early professional career, I love putting together a plan to hone and deliver the key messages to the right people within the organization.  Stakeholder Management and Communications Planning are two of my favourite activities.

Keep score

Tools and methodologies might sound great, but unless you can draw a line to your strategic goals and/or financial metrics, they are not worth using.  Drawing upon years of experience in Project Valuation, I can help you define the true value of the improvements you are making, and figure out how to translate operational improvement into true financial impact.

Divide up the work

Matching the unique contributions of the people on your team with the tasks you need to get done is not something you want to leave to chance.   Clients who are attempting to startup a new business rely on me for  Organizational Design expertise, as well as new Process Design when they are attempting to do something new.

Teach something new

When memos are not enough to get the right info across, you need to go deeper.   I specialize in developing and delivering Original Training Content on a wide variety of topics.   The experience of learning something new is sure to be memorable and fun, whether it’s being delivered online as an e-Learning course, or in person delivery with my characteristic enthusiasm and creative examples to maximize learning retention!

Define the big picture

Knowing where you’re going is the first step, and it’s not as easy as it sounds!  My experience in Brainstorming and Visioning aids clients in articulating just what their goals are, and I am meticulous in helping them clarify the reasons, next steps, must-haves, deal-breakers and possible alternatives to make that vision razor-sharp.

Figure out what can go wrong

It’s always better to be prepared than surprised, whether you’re running an established organization or starting a new venture.  A suite of Risk Management tools adapted to the client’s particular context allow me to identify those unwanted ‘could happen’ events, and then develop a plan to reduce those risks when necessary.

Rally the troops

Engaging employees makes all the difference when executing improvement.  Using custom-designed Change Management and Project Management solutions, I help clients put their finger on the pulse of their employees’ motivations and behaviours and design a strategy to help put those ‘human factors’ to work.

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